Orrs Elementary School teacher Roxie Davis disciplined after controversial lesson


Roxie Davis, a fourth-grade teacher at Orrs Elementary School, has received an official letter of directive related a classroom lesson that included the sharing of a CNN 10 Kid News clip about President Donald Trump’s comments pertaining to some NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem.
The disciplinary action followed an investigation conducted by the Griffin-Spalding County School System.
The letter of directive acknowledges the classroom activity “met the requirement of the standards,” but described it as “an extremely hot topic that was further inflamed by your sharing personal beliefs with your students.”
It goes on to state, “This letter of directive is given to remind you that it is not the policy of our school or district that we share personal or political beliefs with students or others that may cause your role as an educator to be compromised. It is important that we remain neutral on issues to maintain a clear line of open communication and not allow our personal feelings and beliefs to cloud anyone’s opinion or become offensive in their eyes. All instruction should be tied directly to the standards without any personal political interjections.”
Davis reportedly told students she, herself, would kneel as NFL players are doing, and that if she ever stood, it would be under force. Davis later wrote a letter of apology to Orrs Elementary School parents that stated in part, “Regrettably, I made a judgment in error by expressing some of my views on the NFL protest and the Pledge of Allegiance. While I may have shared my opinion on these topics, I also expressed that people think differently about many topics and I respect varying viewpoints on all matters, including this.”
The letter of directive, issued by Orrs Elementary Principal Evelyn Jones, also stated, “Continuation of this type of action may result in further disciplinary action up to and including a recommendation for termination.”


  1. Romy Kettlewell says:

    She should have been terminated. She allowed two students to be bullied in her classroom. She advocated their bullying. She has no business in a classroom with children. Period.

  2. She obviously has NO BUSINESS whatsoever in a classroom. One of the cardinal rules of education is to leave your politics and religion at the door. She is not a teacher, she is an indoctrinator of politics. Seriously!

  3. Send her an email at roxie.davis@gscs.org

  4. You just like many others choose to look over the real reason behind the NFL protest. It has nothing to do with the flag or the men and women who have and are still fighting for this country. I don’t believe she was trying to persuade her students. She was simply stating her opinion or beliefs on the issue. We do have the right to freedom of speech.

    • Stanton Lore says:

      She does not have the freedom to interject her political or social views into her class curriculum. As her letter of reprimand said quite emphatically, continuation of such behavior may result in her losing her job.

  5. SMDH. A teacher of all people??? She’s clearly disrespecting our flag and all the men and women who put their own lives on the line every single day just to protect the people of this beautiful country. What about all the men and women who have fought and died for our country, protecting idiots just like her, and all the other morons that are kneeling. This teacher clearly wasn’t in the military based her actions, just like all the other DA’s taking a knee who also didn’t Join our military. By her kneeling like she did, it makes you wonder what she would do if something horrific and tragic happened at the school. Would she take pity and do what most of us adults would do. Would she protect our children in the school if something bad were to happen. She would probably be the first one out the door of the school while pushing through and running over our helpless, screaming terrified children if something were to happen. She should be fired for attempting to pursuade/brainwash these 4th graders just as she’s probably already done to her own children, if she has any. Children at these ages are very gullible which I’m sure she clearly knew this. Very bad example for someone in her position who is suppose to be trusted by all of us (parents) and our community. Smdh !!!

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