Sheriff: $1.5 million cocaine seized in joint narcotics operation


The Spalding County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Unit, working in conjunction with the United States Department of Homeland Security, has concluded an in-depth investigation that resulted in the Nov. 1 arrest of two Spalding County residents – Cupertino Mendoza and Iartina Alvizo Zapata, of 3812 High Falls Road.
According to a press release issued by Sheriff Darrell Dix, Special Operations and Homeland Security agents seized 21 kilograms (approximately 54 pounds) of cocaine with an estimated street value of $1,500,000.
Homeland Security agents also seized $532,190 cash.
During the investigation, Special Operations executed two search warrants – one at 3812 High Falls Road and the second at a 96-acre farm located at 61 Head Road.
The search warrants resulted in the seizure of four vehicles, a skid steer and a cattle trailer, which officials allege were utilized in the distribution of illegal narcotics.
Mendoza and Zapata are being held in the Spalding County Jail awaiting their first appearance hearing.
Both are facing charges of possession of cocaine, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, trafficking cocaine and possession of a vehicle with a false compartment.
“We will continue to work cooperatively with local, state and federal agencies to eradicate drugs from our county,” Dix said. “If you are a drug dealer in Spalding County, we look forward to seeing you soon.”



  1. Craig Hill says:

    Wonder how long it is before it’s back on the streets of Spalding Co. I was born and raised in Griffin but to stay there was a joke. Crooked Cops , lawyers and judges makes it a good Ole town run by the good Ole boys , yeah right. Griffin Great and Growing used to be on the water tower but it should just say Griffin what happens here stays here.

  2. tolleystopics says:

    I applaud the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Unit and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for this investigation and fine results. People who partake in these dealings never worry, consider or think about the many families they destroy. Their only question right this very minute is…what lawyer can get me out of this? The lawyer’s only question is…what defense shall I use? Maybe I can argue that these fine drug dealers were targeted because of race? If all else fails, I will tell the jury what pitiful childhoods these poor drug dealers suffered. I am so sick of it all. I hope they have felt their last ray of the warm, beautiful sunshine. I hope they have breathed their last breath of fresh air that is not filtered through bars on the windows. I could go on forever with my hopes for drug dealers, but I would rather think of positive events. Like, the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Unit and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security succeeded in this investigation. Hooray for them….I am mighty proud.
    -Sheila Tolley-

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