Sheriff: Gang leaders targeted, arrested in Operation Blue Christmas


The Spading County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Unit in October received a complaint about illegal narcotic activity allegedly occurring at 407 Meadowlark Dr. Officials say after preliminary investigative work and surveillance, investigators quickly recognized key members of the Blood Gang /Zoo Krew/ Rolling 20s were utilizing this house and immediate area to conduct illegal activity.

According to a press release issued by Sheriff Darrell Dix, over the course of the following months, investigators spent hundreds of hours conducting surveillance and identifying individuals and their roles in the gang. Investigators reported some of the targets identified were active leaders of this gang with affiliations to their parent gang based out of Atlanta.

The Sheriff’s Office reports some of those identified and their activities have been identified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation due to alleged regional gang affiliation.
The press release stated these leaders were designated as high priority targets due to their criminal impact on the community and the region.

Agents also say they determined that many of the gang members utilizing the residence were on active probation for previous gang related crimes and other offenses. Due to the number of active probationers identified during the operation, it was decided to contact the Georgia Department of Corrections and request their assistance.

By mid-December, agents had documented sufficient information on the activities allegedly being conducted to obtain a search warrant for the residence, along with more than 20 felony arrest warrants. At approximately 4:30 p.m. Dec. 20, members of the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Unit, S.WA.T. Team, Fugitive Apprehension Unit, Criminal Investigation Division, Georgia Bureau of Investigation and members of the Department of Corrections executed the search warrant at 407 Meadowlark Dr. The search warrant netted crack cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, stolen firearms and material used for the distribution of narcotics.

“It was determined early on that due to the number of these gang members involved that were currently on probation the best course of action was to involve the Georgia Department of Corrections and the authority they have in dealing with probationers. We were all looking at getting these documented gang members off the streets by using every resource available,” Dix said. “Due to the information gathered during the investigation it became apparent that these offenders were continuing their criminal activity and ignoring the orders given to them by the courts regarding their probation or parole status. They chose to ignore the orders, continued to commit crimes. As they are captured we will be petitioning the court to keep them in custody as they are a threat to the community and menaces to society.”

Arrested as a result of Operation Blue Christmas were Charlie Paul Parks, Marco Durham, Jorgio Dennis, Lamar Carr, Jabriel Reid, Myrrin Watson and Kenneth Stephens.

Tray Harris, Roy Draggs, Dexter Simon, Drelin Dewberry, Darshun Mangham, Courtney Britt, Anthony Smith, Jamarcus Jones, Dontarius Johnson, Fredrecius Ogletree, Antavious Artis, Octavious Copeland and Noal Terrell currently have active felony warrants outstanding for their arrest as a result of this investigation. C.A.G.E. Investigators have been instructed to make it their priority to ensure these individuals are found and arrested.

It is my suggestion that they turn themselves in, Dix said.

Officials say all identified wanted individuals chose to be part of the Bloods Gang and have been documented as gang members, and based on their involvement, should be considered armed and dangerous.

Anyone with information pertaining to their whereabouts is asked to call 911 or contact the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office at 770.467.4282.

“To my knowledge this is largest investigation that has ever occurred in this county that specifically targeted a particular gang and gang leadership. The cooperation between the agencies involved and the key roles they each played in this investigation led to its success. Many of those arrested or wanted have been charged with violation of probation or parole for violating the terms of their release from previous felony or gang charges,” Dix said. “They terrorize our community and people are sick and tired of being crime victims, being intimidated, and not being able to be outside in their own yards. We are going to do everything in our power and use every resource available to stop them. Gangs are no longer welcome here. We are taking a proactive approach to gang enforcement and we are coming after them. If they don’t want to be bothered by us, leave. The Sheriff’s Office will continue to dismantle and eliminate the gang problem in Spalding County. Thank you to the GBI, and Georgia Department of Corrections for their support and help. Thank you to the citizens of Spalding County for supporting us and I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.”

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