Threat to “shoot up” middle school leads to arrest of one student


A Rehoboth Road Middle School student is in custody and being held at the Regional Youth Detention Center for allegedly threatening to “shoot up the school.”

According to a press release issued by Spalding County Sheriff Darrell Dix, investigators responded to the school Tuesday after a letter was located in a classroom.

Officials report the letter stated, “I am going to shoot up the school in the 8th grade hall at 8:45.”

School officials reported the letter to law enforcement and sent a letter home with students alerting parents to the incident.

That letter read in part, “Rehoboth administrators notified the Spalding County Sheriff’s Department, and they are currently investigating this threat. Rehoboth Road Middle School is taking proactive measures by working with the Sheriff’s Department by adding increased school resource officer presence on campus tomorrow morning.”

Authorities say investigators later determined the source of the threatening letter and identified a suspect. The student has been charged with terroristic threats and disorderly conduct.

“This is not a joke and any student caught participating in this behavior will detained, arrested, prosecuted and hopefully not just suspended, but expelled,” Dix said. “This is another call for parents to monitor their kids and their activities. Take their phones and go through all their social media. This was a note found at the school but more often than not it is via social media.”

Dix said Spalding deputies will continue to partner with Griffin-Spalding Schools and will work hand in hand with officials to prevent any future occurrences.

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