Rehoboth Road Middle School scene of second student arrest for alleged threat


For the second consecutive days, a Rehoboth Road Middle School student has been arrested for allegedly threatening to shoot up the school.

According to a press release issued by Spalding County Sheriff Darrell Dix, the student was taken into custody after a teacher reportedly overheard the threat being made in a classroom.

“The teacher immediately notified the School Resource Officer (SRO) who took the student into custody and escorted him to the Principal’s Office. Administrators from the Griffin Spalding County School System, Investigators from the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office, and the student’s legal guardian responded and began an investigation into the incident. It was determined that the student did make the statement and he was arrested,” Dix said. “He was taken immediately in front of Juvenile Court Judge Ben Miller where he was placed on an ankle monitor, ordered to stay in direct contact with his guardian at all times, and restricted from the use of any electronic devices or social media until his court date. As a part of his release, Judge Miller ordered that all firearms in the household of the guardian were to be removed from the residence. The student was also suspended from Rehoboth Road Middle School until he can face a school tribunal. The staff of RRMS acted fast in stopping this before it got out of hand. They also plan to alert parents about what occurred today via phone this afternoon.”

A student arrested Tuesday also appeared today in Juvenile Court.

“The student taken in to custody yesterday was in court this morning to face Judge Ben Miller after spending the night at an RYDC facility. He was also released to his parents this morning, placed on an ankle monitor, and given the same restrictions and penalties as the student taken in to custody today,” Dix said.

Officials are urging parents to be proactive with their children to reduce the potential of future similar incidents.

“Once again I am calling on parents to intervene in this issue. Get their passwords and scan all their social media on a regular basis. Talk to your children about the consequences of their actions and how they not only affect them but their families as well. The restrictions placed on these students and the orders from Judge Miller that are directed at the parents should act as strong warnings that should be heeded. The school system and criminal justice system from the judges on down are showing that these incidents will be dealt with severely and swiftly,” Dix said. “In light of recent events I don’t believe that anyone is shrugging these things off as child’s play or idle words. It’s not funny, it’s not a joke, and it will be dealt with accordingly. To parents, we understand that you and your children are frightened by these events. Principal Larry Jones, SRO Ladamium Raines, and Lt. Frank Clark made their way to nearly every classroom this morning and this afternoon to speak to students about these events. They gave the students an opportunity to ask questions about their concerns if they desired and discuss how these events affect everyone in the school and their families. The students were pretty vocal in their belief that these threats were uncalled for and should stop. Staff and SROs will remain available if anything else or any more questions arise.”

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