Mother and 15-year-old GHS student face charges of disorderly conduct


Lashonda Thomas mug shot courtesy of the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office.


A 15-year-old Griffin High School student and his mother, 35-year-old Lashonda Thomas, will face charges of disorderly conduct after an alleged verbal altercation on school grounds.

According to the incident report filed by Griffin Police Department Cpl. Chris Webb, Thomas was called to the school because her son was allegedly in violation of the dress code.

Webb said the juvenile had been previously warned not to wear pants with holes, and Friday morning, was approached by a staff member who again addressed with him the dress code violation.

“(The student) stated to that staff member, ‘Stop f*cking with me.’ (The student) then spoke with Assistant Principal Simmons about the violation as he called Simmons a b*tch,” Webb reported.

Webb said that when Thomas arrived and was in the GHS main office, she stated, “They always harassing my son.”

Webb said he attempted to explain the dress code issue to Thomas, but she and her son allegedly “became irate,” and were escorted from the building.

The officer said the juvenile male continued to use profanity and became aggressive.

“I pulled my tazer (sic) from its holster and followed both subjects out of the building. As both subjects were leaving the building, (the student) and his mother used profanity as they were approaching their vehicle. I could hear Lashonda say, ‘Let them have that s*it,’” Webb said. “Lashanda continued to use profanity as I approached her and told her that one more profanity (sic) word would get her locked up.”

Webb said Thomas and her son both continued to use profanity.

“I asked Lashonda Thomas for her identification as she was slow to provide so I asked for it again. I ran her information through dispatch as well as her vehicle tag number,” Webb said. “I then arrested Lashonda Thomas for disorderly conduct.”

A juvenile petition was charging the student with one count of disorderly conduct was also obtained, Webb said.

Griffin-Spalding County School System Executive Director of Communication and Partnerships Kimberly Willis Green said Central Office officials were notified of the incident by school staff.

“That incident was handled at the school. We were notified (by the school) that an incident had occurred,” she said. “The incident that occurred this morning was an isolated incident in terms of the parent coming to the school and causing a disruption in the learning environment.”

Green added, “Our priority is to ensure the safety of all our students and staff.”


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