Four jail inmates graduate from Serve-Safe program


Four inmates of the Spalding County Jail have graduated from the Serve-Safe food service program.

Designed to teach potential restaurant employees the skills needed to safely and properly prepare food in a commercial setting, the Spalding County Jail program was carried out by Aramark Food Company.

“The program was sponsored by the Aramark Food Company who provides our inmate meals, at no cost to the inmates or the county,” said Sheriff Darrell Dix. “Each of the inmates volunteered for the 9-week program that includes a testing process to graduate and obtain the certification. Yesterday we had a graduation ceremony where family, friends, Aramark representatives, and Sheriff’s Office employees could attend and taste some of the foods that were prepared by the graduates. These men worked hard and now have a marketable skill that will hopefully get them going in the right direction.”

Clarence Nance, the Aramark food service director for the jail, is pleased with the partnership with the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office.

“We are pleased to partner with the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office in providing the Serve-safe program. I had the opportunity to work with the guys who went through this first class and I am proud of each of them and their accomplishments. They worked very hard to obtain this goal. We also look forward to the start of the next class that is slated to begin September 18, 2019,” Nance said.

“This class would not have been possible without the partnership of Aramark and the staff of the Spalding County Jail that was coordinated by Lieutenant Treasa Dumas-Jackson. We are proud of all involved and look forward to expanding this program,” Dix said.


  1. Everette Mack says:

    Upon completion we as inmates where told we would get out that day I completed the class and graduated on November 5 2019….I was told by Lt.Jackson that she was gonna get the proper people down to the jail to speak with me on my case which never happened so I had to stay 8 more months which my case was dismissed…This program didn’t help anyone but the Whites not one Black left the day of competition. Darrell Dix just allowed this class to make himself look good along with Lt.Jackson they doesn’t care about any inmate in this facility.Its been a lot of officers quit there jobs because of the nonsense that goes on there.I have proof of the lies that was told to me on my behalf and this all shall come to a head real soon..

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