GPD investigating violent crimes of opportunity


The Griffin Police Department is investigating two separate incidents in which people appear to have been randomly targeted by armed assailants.

The first case, an aggravated assault, was reported by 62-year-old Steven Driver, who said he was attacked after his vehicle became disabled.

“…I met with Steven Driver, who stated that at about 0615 hours, he was beat up by two black male subjects on E. Quilly Street near the N. 6th Street intersection while trying to fix his broken down vehicle. Mr. Driver stated that his vehicle had broken down and he was under the hood working when two men dressed in dark clothing wearing sock hats both in there 20’s to 30’s, approached him and struck him in the head with a hard object, possibly a bottle (sic all),” reported GPD Uniform Patrol Officer Chris Conway.  “Mr. Driver stated that the men went through his pockets but did not take anything from him.”

Driver, who sustained visible injuries including lacerations to the top of his head and swelling under his right eye, said the pair fled on foot eastbound down E. Quilly Street.
The second case, a street robbery involving a handgun, was reported by 61-year-old Nathaniel Duffie.

“When I arrived on scene, I met with Nathaniel Duffie who advised me that he was walking home from Everee Inn Package Store when two subjects came up from behind him, showed what he believed to be a 9mm gun and stole the alcohol which he had just purchased,” said Officer Brian Dorety.

Duffie said he conceals his money and the suspects did not check for money.

Dorety reported the two suspects were described as “fully covered” with were wearing what appeared to be ski masks. Duffie said their voices led him to believe they were young, perhaps 13- to 15-years-old.

Duffie was uninjured in the incident but did report his assailants stole two Crown Royal apple shots and one Bud Ice beer.

Both cases remain open and active.


  1. John Rambo says:

    Looks like these criminals are targetting senior citizens. When and if they are caught please be sure to charge them for attacking the elderly. This is not the first time older citizens have attacked. We hear and read about it a lot in the news. These thugs, and that’s exactly what they are, will meet up with the wrong one and their thug-life will come to a dramatic end. It’s just a matter of time.

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