Spalding County man charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault by strangulation


A Spalding County man, 23-year-old Travonte Goggins, is facing charges of kidnapping and aggravated assault in relation to an alleged violent attack reported by his girlfriend.

The incident was reported to Spalding E911 on Friday, Dec. 6, by Arishona Lyons, who alleged Goggins attacked her in their residence, Apartment 13 Northside Drive.

According to the incident report filed by Deputy T. Daniels, of the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office Uniform Patrol Division, two juveniles were present and sleeping in the apartment when the incident allegedly took place.

“Ms. Lyons approached my patrol vehicle wearing shorts and no shirt. Ms. Lyons was holding a t-shirt over her upper torso. Ms. Lyons advised she was involved in a domestic dispute with her live-in boyfriend, Travonte Goggins…” Daniels reported.

After initial attempts to locate Goggins were unsuccessful, Daniels and Deputy Scott Piper returned to Lyons who provided specific details of the alleged attack.

“Ms. Lyons stated Mr. Goggins accused her of having sex with her stepfather and began arguing,” Daniels said. “Ms. Lyons stated Mr. Goggins slammed her on the bed, the floor and threw her in the closet causing damage to the sheetrock. Ms. Lyons stated Mr. Goggins grabbed her from the closet, threw her on the bed and placed a pillow on her face. Ms. Lyons stated Mr. Goggins choked her with his hands.”

Lyons said she pushed Goggins off her and attempted to leave the bedroom, but Goggins would not allow her to exit, Daniels reported.“Ms. Lyons stated Mr. Goggins was extremely angry and threatened to kill her multiple times,” Daniels said.

Daniels reported that Lyons said she initially complied with Goggins demands, but said that when he opened the bedroom door, she fled and began knocking on neighbors’ doors, asking for assistance.

Lyons ultimately ran to her sister’s nearby apartment, where she called 911. Lyons also alleged that Goggins followed her there, snatched the phone from her, ended the 911 call and begged her not to report the incident.

“Ms. Lyons stated the 911 operator called her back and she explained the incident,” Daniels said, adding that Lyons had small cuts on her shoulder and a mark on her neck consistent with having been choked.

After the deputies left Lyons, she again called 911, reporting that Goggins had returned to her apartment.

Daniels said upon second arrival, a man matching the description Lyons provided was seen walking in front of the complex’s J building. He then fled on foot, Daniels reported.
Additional SCSO personnel arrived and joined the search for Goggins.

The suspect was not immediately located, but after surveilling the area, Goggins allegedly attempted to again flee on foot.

Lt. Michael Chadwick then engaged Goggins, utilizing his Taser to apprehend the suspect.

Goggins was taken into custody and charged with battery under the Georgia Family Violence Act, aggravated assault by strangulation, kidnapping, criminal trespass and obstructing or hindering persons making emergency telephone calls.


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