Dozens of shots fired and three homes struck in two drive by shootings


Two separate drive by shootings – one early Sunday morning and the second early Tuesday – left three Griffin homes riddled with gunfire.

On Dec. 8, at approximately 4 a.m., Griffin Police Department Officer Phillip Johnson responded to the 300 block of East Quilly Street, where he met with Jemel Whitlock and Whitney Nichole Melton.

“Melton stated that she and Whitlock were asleep on the couches in the living room of the residence when they were awakened by the sounds of multiple gun shots outside their residence. Melton stated that she and Whitlock stayed face down on the couches until the shooting stopped,” Johnson reported.

After the shooting ceased, Melton noted several items and walls inside the residence had been damaged by the gunfire.

Melton also reported that her two children were not home at the time of the shooting because she had worked late.

“I observed damage to multiple appliances inside the residence and bullet holes leading from the exterior wall of the residence to multiple areas/rooms inside of the residence. During a search of the interior of the residence, two bullet projectiles were discovered, one .40 caliber projectile and one 9 mm projectile,” Johnson stated. “During a search of the outside of the residence I discovered 26 shell casings in the roadway in front of the residence, 13 .40 caliber and 13 9mm shell casings.”

The second drive by shooting occurred just before 1 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 10, at 110 Morris St.

“Upon my arrival myself and several other officers were able to locate approximately seven 9mm shell casings along the southbound lane of Morris Street between East Central Avenue and East Chappell Street,” said GPD Officer Stephen Trawick, who met with Shalanda King, who reported the shooting to Spalding E911.

“King stated that shortly before our arrival she heard several consecutive gunshots and then heard what sounded like projectiles entering her apartment. King stated that upon hearing this, she immediately ran to her hallway for cover and called 911,” Trawick said. “While speaking with King, I was able to locate three holes which appeared to be created by projectiles. I located three separate bullet holes in three separate bedrooms of Apartment M. One bullet hole was directly beside where King was laying, as well as another beside where King’s sone was laying and a third beside where King’s daughter was laying.”

Trawick then spoke with Demetria Callands, the resident of Apartment E, who reported she also heard several gunshots and immediately dialed 911.

“While speaking with Callands, I was able to locate two bullet holes within the walls of her apartment, one of which went through a bedroom of the residence,” Trawick said. “Upon further inspection, I was able to locate a projectile laying on the floor of this apartment.”

Further investigation revealed that Callands’ 2008 Nissan Altima also was struck by gunfire.

Both drive by shooting incidents remain under investigation.

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