Spalding Commissioner Don Hawbaker facing multiple felony charges


Don Hawbaker, the Spalding County commissioner who allegedly initiated a standoff with the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team will soon face additional felony charges related to claims he fired shots at deputies.

The incident began when SCSO personnel arrived at Hawbaker’s 1121 Satilla Court residence to serve four warrants for his arrest.

Those misdemeanor warrants – one for simple assault and three for disorderly conduct – were related to a domestic dispute with his wife, Gayle Hawbaker and three separate incidents with SCSO employees, respectively.

Prior to the Tuesday afternoon standoff, The GRIP obtained copies of those arrest warrants, which were granted to Lt. John Corley by Magistrate Judge Sam Parks.

The simple assault warrant pertains to a report made by Gayle Hawbaker alleging her husband on Saturday night pointed a pistol in her direction while she was in the master bedroom, “placing her in reasonable apprehension of receiving a violent injury.”

The three disorderly conduct warrants relate to verbal statements allegedly made by Hawbaker.

One involved Maj. Dwayne Jones.

“…accused did call the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office making contact with Major D. Jones asking him if Deputies came out to his residence last night,” Corley’s warrant reads. “Major. D. Jones was attempting to transfer the accused to Chief Tony Thomason at which point the accused told Major Jones ‘F*ck you’ twice on a recorded line.”

A second allegation of disorderly conduct stems from an alleged conversation with SCSO employee Alicia Bolton, whom he reportedly called “a b*tch” over a recorded line.

The third disorderly conduct charge relates to a voice message left for Thomason which allegedly included the statement, “Hey A**hole. Call me back. Call me back a**hole.”

Sheriff Darrell Dix on Tuesday night said his office will on Wednesday seek a minimum of three additional arrest warrants against Hawbaker, each for a felony count of aggravated assault against a law enforcement officer.


  1. I am so glad this person who failed to think of the lives in danger, by driving drunk, is finally in jail. We the people in Sun City are ever so grateful we do not have to worry about one of many under the influence. Thank you

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