34 people on cruise ship off California coast to be quarantined in Georgia


Dozens of passengers who have been onboard a cruise ship off the California coast will soon be in Georgia, where they will be quarantined and undergo testing for COVID-19, the illness caused by the latest strain of coronavirus.

Governor Brian Kemp has announced that 34 Georgians will be transferred from that ship to a military base.

“I have learned that 34 Georgians and additional American citizens from the eastern United States who are currently on the Grand Princess cruise ship off the California coast will be securely transferred to Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta, Georgia. These passengers will undergo testing and be quarantined for possible exposure to COVID-19. They are expected to arrive at Dobbins late Monday, March 9 or early Tuesday, March 10,” Kemp said in a statement following a federal briefing. “I am confident that Dobbins is equipped to provide high-quality care for Americans in need while keeping Georgia families safe, and our state stands ready to assist our federal partners if requested. In the days and weeks ahead, I encourage Georgians to pray for the patients affected by COVID-19 and their healthcare providers. We must continue to support one another, trust the advice of the medical community and remain vigilant. My office remains in constant communication with the Trump Administration, lawmakers, and state and local officials to ensure the health and safety of families across Georgia and our country. We will continue to provide updates as soon as they become available.”


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  2. Jennifer Bales says:

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