Kemp: Georgia COVID-19 testing soon to increase to estimated 3,000 tests daily

STAFF REPORT ::: Testing for COVID-19 in Georgia will soon significantly ramp up. According to a press release issued by Governor Brian Kemp announced a laboratory surge capacity plan to quickly increase the availability of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing. This initiative leverages the collective laboratory resources under the University System of Georgia, the Georgia […]

DNR will enforce Kemp executive order limiting gatherings of more than 10

STAFF REPORT ::: The Georgia Department of Natural Resources will begin enforcing the executive order issued by Governor Brian Kemp prohibiting public gatherings of groups larger than ten people unless there is six feet of spacing between each person. “Across Georgia, there is a mandatory shelter in place order for medically fragile individuals, and gatherings […]

Kemp: 2,000 National Guard medical support troops activated

STAFF REPORT ::: Governor Brian Kemp has authorized the activation of up to 2,000 members of the Georgia National Guard in order to fight COVID-19. At this time, more than 170 service members are activated in response to the pandemic. They have mobilized to support requests from the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency […]

Kemp: Georgia public schools closed through April 24

STAFF REPORT ::: Public elementary and secondary schools have been closed through April 24 by executive order of Governor Brian Kemp. This closure applies to in-person instruction. “I am deeply grateful to State School Superintendent Richard Woods, the Georgia Department of Education, superintendents and parents for keeping us informed and helping us make the right […]

Kemp executive order requires some to quarantine; shuts down bars, nightclubs

SHEILA A. MATHEWS ::: Unlike a number of other states across the nation, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has not issued a shelter in place order that applies to all citizens. Instead, Kemp on Monday issued an executive order specifically targeting “at a minimum” some of the most vulnerable to critical complications of COVID-19 including individuals […]

Governor addresses COVID-19 status; state and federal responses

STAFF REPORT ::: Governor Brian Kemp on Thursday addressed Georgians, providing updated information on the COVID-19 pandemic, how it is impacting Georgia and ongoing responses from the state and federal level. His address can be read in its entirety below. “This afternoon, I am saddened to announce that we have lost ten Georgians to COVID-19. […]

COVID-19 testing must be prioritized, medical resources conserved, Georgia officials say

STAFF REPORT ::: As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread throughout the state of Georgia, questions abound regarding testing for this newest strain of coronavirus. Today, a joint statement about the prioritization of testing was released by Governor Brian Kemp, the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH), the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) and the […]

Georgia receives statewide disaster declaration from U.S. Small Business Administration

STAFF REPORT ::: The state of Georgia has received an official statewide disaster declaration from the U.S. Small Business Administration. According to a press release from Governor Brian Kemp, this will provide assistance in the form of SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans to impacted small businesses in all 159 Georgia counties. “This is great news […]

State officials confirm two additional COVID-19 Georgia deaths

STAFF REPORT ::: The Department of Health has confirmed two additional deaths from COVID-19 in Georgia. The two include a 42-year-old woman and a 69-year-old man, both of whom died in an Albany hospital. In addition to COVID-19, each had existing medical conditions. Older adults and people who have severe underlying medical conditions like heart […]

Assistance available for employees negatively impacted by COVID-19

STAFF REPORT ::: Governor Brian Kemp and the Georgia Department of Labor (GDoL) are addressing an increase in the number of partial claims filed as a result of businesses reducing work hours or temporarily closing their doors in light of recent developments regarding COVID-19. “We are laser-focused on assisting the hardworking Georgians who have been […]

Kemp signs amended budget with $100 million in emergency COVID-19 funding

STAFF REPORT ::: Governor Brian Kemp has signed an amended fiscal year 2020 budget that includes $100 million in emergency funding to address the spread of novel coronavirus and COVID-19. “Over several months, I have worked closely with lawmakers to develop an amended fiscal year 2020 budget that reflects our priorities, reduces red tape in […]

Governor signs executive order closing all public schools through March 31

STAFF REPORTS ::: Governor Brian Kemp has ordered closed all Georgia public elementary, secondary and post-secondary public schools from March 18 through March 30. “To keep our students, teachers and administrators safe and mitigate the spread of COVID-19, I am ordering the closure of all public elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools in Georgia from March […]

Public health state of emergency declared as state’s COVID-19 case count reaches 64

STAFF REPORT ::: Governor Brian Kemp on Saturday signed a public health state of emergency regarding COVID-19, followed by an address to Georgia residents. Kemp’s speech follows in its entirety: “My fellow Georgians: Over the past few weeks, our state has been facing an unprecedented public health threat with the spread of novel coronavirus. In […]

Governor Kemp to declare Georgia’s first ever public health emergency

STAFF REPORT ::: Governor Brian Kemp has announced his intention to declare a public health emergency beginning Saturday morning. In a statement released Friday afternoon, Kemp stated, “Based on President Trump’s emergency declaration, I will declare a public health emergency for the state of Georgia beginning tomorrow morning. This declaration will greatly assist health and […]

Governor: COVID-19 quarantine facility under construction in Monroe County

STAFF REPORT ::: Governor Brian Kemp and the Georgia Department of Public Health have announced that a COVID-19 quarantine facility is under construction on the Georgia Public Safety Training Center campus in Monroe County. Officials say this area is for persons who test positive for COVID-19 and are unable to self-isolate. This quarantine facility will […]