Protest permit granted for Sunday evening in downtown Griffin


A permit has been granted for a protest to be held in downtown Griffin Sunday evening.
According to city of Griffin Mayor Doug Hollberg, the protest will be held in the Solomon Street Park greenspace beginning at 5 p.m.

“Organizers met with city staff. They’ve asked for permission. They’ve been granted the permit to organize, so we’re prepared for it and aware of it,” Hollberg said. “City staff was reassured it will be civil.”

Asked if the Griffin Police Department will have additional personnel on hand, Hollberg said, “I’ve been reassured that everything is in order and the Griffin Police Department is prepared for whatever action takes place.”

Organizers originally requested to use the facilities at The Park at 6th, but that is a county facility. City officials offered the Solomon Street Park greenspace as an alternative.

“The authorization time is from 5 to 6:30,” Hollberg said.

A separate permit has been granted for a prayer vigil to be held Sunday evening at 7 p.m. in Third Ward Park.

“Whether it’s locally or nationally, I think all citizens are disgusted by what happened in Minnesota. We all have to stand together as one community to make sure that all citizens’ rights are protected and also allow folks to congregate to express their civil rights and to gather peacefully,” Hollberg said. “I encourage all folks to pray for our community as well as our country. It’s about One Griffin.”

The GRIP sought an interview with Griffin Police Department Chief Mike Yates, but he declined to be interviewed and maintained his stance requiring this publication’s questions be submitted by email.

The GRIP Publisher Sheila Mathews responded by stating, “No, thank you. This is a serious time and calls for direct contact, not back and forth emails that will delay the release of information. I’ll check in with the mayor and other city officials who don’t seek to obstruct the press.”

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  1. ROY BATTY says:

    Fellow citizens, just please peacefully protest and seek a redress of grievances per the Constitution. I hope that any rioters or bad actors are swiftly dealt with by Griffin PD. They take the focus away from the actual reasons for the protest.

  2. Concerned black woman says:

    I don’t trust this. Black people don’t go to this please. It’s a setup, we did not Organize this protest.

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