Marie Broder becomes first woman to serve as circuit’s district attorney


Marie G. Broder was sworn in today as district attorney of the Griffin Judicial Circuit.

Broder’s husband held the bible and her little girl looked on during the Wednesday morning ceremony at the Georgia Capitol as Governor Brian Kemp swore her into office.

“I am very honored to appoint you to be the next District Attorney. I have heard great things from your local community of the work you have done,” Kemp said. “I appreciate all you have done to serve as the District Attorney of the Griffin Judicial Circuit.”

Broder said she is humbled and expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to serve the community she calls home.

“I am honored to be the district attorney in this circuit. This is my home and my hometown, and I will fight with everything in me to make sure the people of this circuit continue to feel safe,” she said. “The interesting thing about being the district attorney of the Griffin Judicial Circuit is that the counties are very different in their needs and challenges and I am uniquely qualified to understand that. I’m from Upson, I live in Griffin now and I’ve lived in Fayette for several years before moving to Griffin, so I understand the difference in the counties, but I also understand they each bring some wonderful things to the table.”

Broder said she intends to continue to fight against the detriment wrought by criminal street gangs while also focusing on violent crime and further increasing the support available to crime victims.

“Obviously, my focus in my career has fallen to protect victims of violent crimes, particularly women and children. That’s still a big problem in this circuit and I want to continue to concentrate on those issues,” she said. “I would like for our office to be more victim focused. I think they sometimes get lost in the process and I really want to make them a focus of our attention. Victims get lost in the shuffle of the justice system and I want them to know the DA’s office is here for them and will fight for them.”

Broder earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia and her law degree from the UGA College of Law. She has served as an assistant district attorney and chief assistant district attorney.

She has been the circuit’s acting district attorney since being appointed by Kemp in February. Broder is the first woman to serve as district attorney of the Griffin Judicial Circuit.

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  1. ROY BATTY says:

    What a disappointment Marie Broder has already become. She refuses to prosecute someone who threatened to kill the GPD Chief and the County Sheriff. We now know that she cares nothing for “We the People”, only herself.

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