Griffin woman faces multiple child sex charges in case linked to local firefighter

Juliana Caroline Patel

Booking photo provided by the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office


The Griffin Police Department has arrested Griffin resident Juliana Caroline Patel on numerous child sex abuse charges.

Authorities say Patel’s arrest is related to the Aug. 4 arrest of Griffin Fire-Rescue Firefighter Kevin Burkholder.

According to a report filed by GPD Investigator Adam Trammell, the Griffin Police Department was on Monday, Aug. 10 contacted by Jason Newsome, an investigator in the Coweta Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office, who reported Patel’s involvement in a “possible child molestation.”

Patel, age 35, was arrested later that same day and was transported to the Spalding County Jail.

Patel currently faces four charges of aggravated child molestation and four counts of sexual exploitation of children.

Patel remains in custody in the Spalding County Jail.

“She has been before the judge and the judge no bonded her, so there’s no bond. She had her first appearance (hearing) on the 11th of August,” said Spalding County Sheriff’s Office Maj. Dwayne Jones.

Burkholder was taken into custody without incident by the Griffin Police Department and transferred into the custody of the Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office, said Police Chief Mike Yates.

Burkholder has been charged with one count of incest, once count of aggravated child molestation, one count of felony sodomy, one count of child molestation, four counts of sexual exploitation of children.
You can read about Kevin Burkholder’s arrest here:

The city of Griffin on Aug. 6 issued a press release announcing Burkholder’s arrest. At that time, it was announced he had been placed on unpaid administrative leave.

Burkholder remains behind bars in the Meriwether County Jail.

Chief Yates encourages anyone who believes they may have information related to this case to contact Trammell at 770.229.6450 or

“We’ve got a lot to do yet. We ain’t done,” Yates said. “All I can tell you is that it is still developing and anybody that we can identify with supporting probable cause in this case, we’re going to light them up like it’s the fourth of July.”

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  1. She is friends on Facebook with the teachers at Jordan Hill.
    That all you got?

    • Good Gosh, I can’t tell if you are for this female pervert or against her by you trolling every comment..say what YOU got on your mind..

  2. Teacher and Parent says:

    This lady children attended the school I worked at years ago. She would hang around and talk to the teacher. Her children seem to be cared for and she never seem weird around other children. But you never know what people do in the private of their own homes.

    • Years ago, the woman’s children attended the same school where you worked.
      She would talk to the teachers.
      Her children seemed well cared for.
      She never seemed weird around the children.
      That’s all you got?

  3. Concerned Parent says:

    How has no one mentioned that this woman is very good friends with a lot of the teachers at Jordan Hill Elementary school. They have been and still are friends with her on Facebook.
    The bigger picture is not being shown here.

    • What are you thinking. Something, obviously. Why don’t you come out and say what it is. Do you want us to guess?
      She is friends with a lot of teachers at the school on Facebook. That’s it, right?

  4. Catherine Burks says:

    Awesome job! Keep saving the children!!

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