GHS students seen in online sex act will not face criminal charges


Two Griffin High School students have been administratively disciplined for engaging in a sexual act in online view of other students.

Griffin-Spalding County School System (GSCSS) Superintendent Jim Smith described the Tuesday incident as “behavior in violation of the student code of conduct” in an online classroom environment.

In a letter emailed to parents Tuesday evening, GHS Principal Dr. Buford Kellogg said in addition to notifying the involved students’ parents, the incident was also immediately reported to law enforcement.

Griffin Police Department Chief Mike Yates on Wednesday morning confirmed that criminal charges against the students will not be sought at this time.

“One of the students involved in this, accompanied by their parent, came to the police station (GPD) on their own to report the incident. An investigator met with them and the investigator determined that, based upon what he learned, that it would be impossible to prove criminal intent,” Yates said. “The student alleged that they were unaware that the camera on their computer was active when they engaged in the consensual intimate behavior. Both students involved were over the age of consent. At this time the matter has been referred back to the school system to be handled administratively. If new information arises that would indicate criminal activity, with criminal intent, we cannot exclude the possibility of prosecution.”

GSCSS Executive Director of Communications and Partnerships Adam Pugh stressed the importance of discussing with students the expectation of good conduct during virtual instruction.

“My intention is to send to every student in the system a reiteration of what’s expected of them. I want to make sure that students know, and they should know, right? The system sent every student an agenda with the Code of Conduct. Students of every grade level gets these agendas, and the Code of Conduct for a virtual classroom is the same for an in-person classroom,” Pugh said. “Students need to be aware of anything that can be seen around them in the background. Even if it’s not theirs, they’re still responsible for making sure nothing can be seen behind them on their webcam. It can’t be anything that offends anyone – a sign, a poster visible on the wall, a t-shirt – it can’t be anything illegal like a weapon or a substance. It’s the same expectation and they’re still responsible for the same code of conduct.”

Authorities say disciplinary actions regarding infractions during virtual instruction will not differ from those during in-person classes.

“Discipline will be the same. It will not be tolerated. If it’s something illegal, law enforcement will be notified, and their parents will certainly be notified,” Pugh said. “It isn’t fair to the students to be exposed to something that interferes with an effective learning environment.”

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  1. So two students can fornicate online with absolute impunity, yet a teacher gets in hot water for shouting at a disrespectful student?
    Spalding County, you’re getting what you ask for….

  2. Artimus Pyledriver says:

    Might as well chalk this one up as a sex ed class!
    Give them some points for extra credit!

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