School officials investigating video of Griffin High teacher shouting at students


The Griffin-Spalding County School System (GSCSS) is investigating a Monday incident in which a Griffin High School teacher was recorded giving an impassioned speech to some students.

In the video, which is being widely shared on social media, the teacher, GHS Athletic Director Dr. Kennedy Holt, is heard telling the students to, “Be a man,” and have respect for others who were logged in to the virtual class. He was later heard apologizing to those to whom the indignant speech did not apply.

GSCSS Executive Director of Communications and Partnerships Adam Pugh said this incident was brought to officials’ attention the day it occurred.

“We were immediately made aware and turned it over to Human Resources,” he said.

Pugh said the video circulating locally does not show the entirety of the incident that purportedly was precipitated by a student behaving disruptively, playing loud music and interfering with the class.

“We want to have a nice, calm, effective learning environment. That’s what we’re striving for – free from distractions,” Pugh said. “We’ve had the third and fourth (days) without incident.”

Pugh did not have specific details regarding the teacher’s current status.

“It’s still being investigated, but appropriate action will be taken,” he said.

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  1. Marsha Segraves says:

    This teacher did nothing wrong. When students are being disrespectful or unruly, they need to be reprimanded. Other students who are there to learn are being robbed of an education. Please stop this nonsense of attacking the teacher for doing the right thing. We are raising spoiled bratty kids.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A student was being disrespectful & disrupting class & the teacher raised his voice & gave a “get your shit together” speech… what’s the problem?? The problem is this generation has no respect for authority & cant be held accountable for their own actions!! Absolutely ridiculous!

    • Wanda Gran says:

      I just read these two stories (THE TEACHER AND A DISRESPECTFUL STUDENT and THE GHS STUDENTS SEEN IN ONLINE SEX ACTS) and the reprimand for them. I don’t know the complete story of either incident and I don’t even live in Griffin anymore, but these stories and reprimands do not sound reasonable. Where are morals and common sense?
      Where are the right and wrong of these two incidents?
      You have a teacher trying to remind a student to be RESPECTFUL and to remember to whom is is speaking to! Then you have GHS students seen in online sex acts! The Teacher is being investigated for trying to teach or remind someone to be respectful to others. The GHS students are not being charged with criminal charges. Sounds to me right and wrong are being confused here!
      Someone needs to remind them. This is part of what is wrong with kids today. I’m sorry, they are not kids, although they act like spoiled, no respect and you owe me attitudes, they are young adults and need to be reminded. Like I say, I don’t know all the details about what actually happened.
      As far as the GHS students seen in online sex acts…is that not just WRONG? What happened to morals??
      I am just an individual person. I grew up with loving parents and would never have been disrespectful to anyone much less be seen in online sex acts. I would not have embarrassed myself nor my parents.
      I know some kids/young adults today don’t have a mom and dad nor a loving, caring set of parents. I know they grow/grew up hard and poor. But that does not give them the right to act the way they do, today. Guidance in respect and morals need to be enforced more today than ever. Not all kids/young adults act out but the ones that do need to be reprimanded so they learn from their mistakes and not just let go!

  3. Carole Bland says:

    From what you’re reporting, I see nothing wrong with what this teacher said. Have we really come to the point where we can no longer correct rude behaviors without being attacked? Who and what are we defending?
    Isaiah 5:20-21
    English Standard Version
    20 Woe to those who call evil good
    and good evil,
    who put darkness for light
    and light for darkness,
    who put bitter for sweet
    and sweet for bitter!
    21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes,
    and shrewd in their own sight!

    • I have relied on that verse more and more frequently. It’s the only way to be at peace in this increasingly evil, vile, upside-down, chaotic world.

      Pretty soon, they’re going to run off all the law enforcement officers and the teachers, then lament the predicament they created. We are seeing that now in the NW and some are rolling out the welcome mat for it here.

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