Griffin High students face felony, other criminal charges


Two Griffin High School students are facing multiple criminal charges – including one felony each – after a Thursday afternoon incident involving officers the Griffin Police Department.

GPD Cpl. Chris Webb responded to GHS upon the request of Assistance Principal Dr. Douglas Wheeler, who reported a student causing a disturbance.

“Wheeler was attempting to get a female to give him her information so that he could do a report. Wheeler asked me to assist in getting the female’s information. I asked the female several times to identify herself as she did not,” Webb reported.

According to Webb, the female student, later identified as 18-year-old Jamya Henry, continued to refuse to cooperate, became irate and began using profanity.

“I advised the female that she needed to give me her ID or tell me her name as she still refused and walked away from me while I was still trying to investigate the situation,” Webb said. “After several attempts I advised the female that she was under arrest for obstruction as she continued to refuse to cooperate with me.”

Webb said that a second student then intervened in the situation.

“As I attempted to arrest the female (Henry) a black male stepped in front of the female and would not move. I advised the male several times to move as he did not,” Webb said.

Webb then requested additional officers respond to GHS to assist, citing the male student’s hinderance.

“Upon the arrival of other units an attempt to arrest the female resulted in a fight with the unknown male and female. The male subject punched one of the officers responding as he was taken to the ground,” Webb stated.

Henry and the juvenile male student, who authorities have not identified, were transported to the Griffin Police Department and charged with disorderly conduct, felony obstruction of a law enforcement officer and disruption of a public school.

Webb cited the felony level charge was due to an injury Henry inflicted on Officer Scott Collum.
Webb also reported he was injured during this incident.
The GRIP has requested additional reports related to this incident but they have not yet been made available. Additional information related to this incident will be reported as it becomes available.

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  1. The details in the report dot quite match what I saw on the video

  2. The male was the girl little brother, also the cop was trying to use the taser on her, so he stepped in front of her. He was very calm until the backup came and pushed his sister, who WAS resisting. The brother had a very natural reaction to his sister being manhandled by a cop. Show the video please, this article seems very one sided people want the truth. The young lady was at fault for no complying but the young man was in no doubt trying to calm the situation down.

  3. Sorry, the video doesn’t match your description. This is copaganda. A real journalist wouldchave reached out to the young woman WHO WAS VIOLENTLY ATTACKED BY THREE POLICE OFFICERS FOR NOT SHOWING HER ID. You might have found out, as the vice principal had to have known, that the “man” was HER 14 YEAR OLD YOUNGER BROTHER PROTECTING HIS SISTER FROM A VIOLENT, PSYCHOPATHIC COP WHO HAD UNHOKSTERED HIS TAZER. You don’t deserve any patreon money.

  4. Raising your children to ignore authority does not help them. Negligent parents ready their kids for prison, not life.

  5. I appreciate this report but it is missing critical, basic information such as what led to the questioning of the student to begin with. Who, what, WHY, where, when, how… Especially with the increased scrutiny of the way law enforcement treats different groups of people, including kids, it is especially important for articles describing these incidents to include a much greater level of detail.

  6. What damn difference did it make what color were the students. Would you had mentioned color if they were white. Get a Grip!

  7. Lies so give full details n the truth please

  8. ROY BATTY says:

    Everyone, including students, have a 5th amendment protection against testifying or giving information. Further, it has been ruled in numerous jurisdictions that a minor cannot be interviewed by Law Enforcement without a parent or attorney present. If the girl was causing a problem, then just kick her out. The Police could escort her off school grounds and that would be it. Stop calling the Police on kids in school!

  9. Are you KIDDING me?! What is wrong with these people?! Highschool students practicing exercising their civil rights… the way we teach them to. Ignorant officers who probably failed high school physics probably shouldn’t be arresting students in their school. Also, how is the principle unable to handle these students’ behavior? If you need to call the cops on un-armed students, the problem is with you, not the students.


  1. […] “Wheeler was attempting to get a female to give him her information so that he could do a report. Wheeler asked me to assist in getting the female’s information. I asked the female several times to identify herself as she did not,” Webb stated to […]

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