Election supervisor responds to report of baggage brought into Spalding Election Office


Spalding County Election Supervisor Marcia Ridley has responded to reports of people with baggage resembling suitcases entering and leaving the Elections and Voter Registration Office throughout the day Tuesday.

The GRIP received three videos from a reader who questioned why people would be taking baggage into the Elections Office.

After viewing the videos, Ridley explained the man and woman recorded by a GOP ballot box watcher are assisting her office with election day in the Senate runoff.

“She’s my tech. She’s from Dominion, and so is he,” she said.

In a prior interview Tuesday morning, Ridley told The GRIP that Dominion Voting Systems had sent two of its “top shelf” employees to assist in Spalding County.

“That is just their equipment,” she said of the baggage they transported to the Elections Office, adding that it is standard protocol no different than any other election.

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  1. You can’t blame people for questioning what they see after the man who didn’t even leave his basement to campaign, they claimed he won. We saw thousands of people turn out for President Trump rallies and only a hand full at Joe Biden rallies. But yet they expect us to believe the BS story that Biden won. Someone will be watching from now on everything that goes on and so you need to get used to it until the people in charge earn back our trust. I am sorry it has to be this way but you don’t get to screw us with an election but one time. Someone will be watching from now on.

    • Brenda Botsford says:

      Attendance at rallies is not voting. We have no idea how many of those attending Trump’s rallies were registered voters or that they voted. While Trump’s supporters were moaning, Democrats were out registering people to vote. Cults feed on conspiracy theories so doubt that Trump’s supporters will accept any explanation.

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