Pike County man charged in Spalding road rage incident


A Pike County man has been arrested in connection with a road rage incident that occurred Saturday in Spalding County and ended with a driver allegedly being threatened at knifepoint.

Spalding County Sheriff’s Office Deputy James Dildy said the incident was reported by William Guthrie, who said it took place on Williamson Road near S. Pine Hill Road after he pulled into the roadway, nearly causing a collision.

“He (Guthrie) stated he was turning west bound on to Williamson Rd. from S. Pine Hill Rd. He stated he did not see the vehicle driven by Joseph Boggs traveling west bound on Williamson Rd. He stated Joseph swerved to miss him while braking,” Dildy said. “William (Guthrie) stated he continued west bound on Williamson Rd. He stated when they passed the Dollar General area, Joseph sped past his vehicle, cut him off and stopped him on the side of Williamson Rd.”

Guthrie said Boggs then threatened him with a knife.

“He stated Joseph (Boggs) then got out of his vehicle and approached the driver side door of his truck, pulled a black curved knife and put it inside the driver side window saying he should kill him for almost killing Joseph by pulling out in front of him,” Dildy said. “William stated he was in fear of his life and his wife’s as well.”

Guthrie said Boggs returned to his vehicle and proceeded to drive west on Williamson Road. Guthrie reported he followed Boggs to get his vehicle tag number to report the incident, but that he lost sight of him at Chappell Hill Road.

After losing sight of Boggs, Guthrie was approached by Jamie Newton, who said he had witnessed the incident in the roadway and was willing to provide a statement to law enforcement.

Guthrie and Newton then drove to the Dollar General located at 1713 Williamson Road where they met with Dildy.

Newton said he was driving east on Williamson Road when he witnessed the incident in the west bound lane.

“He (Newton) stated he visually saw Joseph (Boggs) standing at the driver side door with a black curved knife inside the window of William (Guthrie’s) vehicle, the knife almost touching William’s throat,” Dildy reported.

Newton said he turned around and returned to the scene to attempt to assist in “breaking up the issue.”

Guthrie and Newton then drove to the Dollar General where the incident was reported to authorities.

At some point, Boggs also arrived at the Dollar General to speak with the responding deputies.

“He (Boggs) stated he was traveling west bound on Williamson Rd. when William (Guthrie) pulled out from S. Pine Hill Rd. and almost hit him. He stated he slammed on his brakes and swerved to avoid a wreck,” Dildy said. “He (Boggs) stated he was mad and sped past William (Guthrie) and cut him off in the west bound lane. He stated he did get out of his vehicle and approach William’s vehicle. He stated he did cuss William for being so reckless and yelled at him but never threatened him or pulled a knife.”
Boggs then explained that he had been advised by dispatch that he had been reported for pulling a knife and making threats, Dildy said.

Based on Guthrie’s and Newton’s statements, Boggs was arrested on one count of terroristic threats and acts. He was transported to the Spalding County Jail where he was booked and released on $10,000 bond.

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