Kroger surveillance video disproves attempted kidnapping allegation


Surveillance footage recorded by Kroger indicates a man accused of attempting to abduct a young child instead rushed to her assistance.

The incident was reported at 11:55 p.m. March 8 by Brianna Nicole Clay, who alleged a man had attempted to kidnap her daughter while grocery shopping in Kroger located at 1524 Highway 16 West.

According to Griffin Police Department Master Patrol Officer Misty Piper, Clay said she, her sister Breanna Jones and her three-year-old daughter were in the meat department and that she had turned her back momentarily when the incident occurred.

“Brianna stated when she turned back around she saw a white male wearing a white shirt with black basket ball (sic) pants and a white female with long brown hair, a red hoodie and blue jeans had taken her daughter, Brynlee, out of the buggy and was holding her,” Piper said.

According to Piper, Clay said she confronted the man who was holding her daughter.

“Brianna stated she told them, ‘Put my baby down,’” Piper said. “She (Clay) stated at this time they kind of ‘chunked’ her baby back into the buggy. Briana then stated she went to find an employee to tell and the couple took off running out of the building.”

Clay reported she did not know the man or woman and said she felt they were trying to “take her baby,” Piper said.

The surveillance footage provided by Kroger indicates a far different set of circumstances.

The man and woman, who were walking in the opposite direction of Clay, rushed to assist the young child who was not properly secured in the buggy.

Rather than holding the girl in his arms as Clay alleged, the man rushed forward after the child had fallen to the side, preventing her from falling completely out of the buggy, and reseated her.

At no time was the man holding the child, nor did he ‘chunk’ her into the buggy. Instead, he gently seated her facing forward correctly in the buggy.

Clay is not seen speaking to the man., but Jones did appear to be facing the buggy when the man went forward to help the child.

Rather than running from the store as Clay alleged, the couple continued to shop and completed their purchase.

Clay also did not immediately seek out a store employee to report what she later described as an attempted kidnapping as Piper reported. Instead, she is seen walking slowly down the aisle as she continued to shop.

Asked if Clay is under investigation for falsely reporting a crime or making a false statement, Griffin Police Department Chief Mike Yates said, “I do not believe so. While her actions are questionable, criminal intent, which is required for a criminal case, is not supported at this time. Overreaction, misinterpretation and conjecture do not make a criminal case.”

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  1. Harold Thorton says:

    Not sure if it’s something you cover but there was a gang shooting at the Jackson high school gym last night. A coach got shot in the face and was airlifted but no news coverage has been seen yet

  2. Im sorry but i dont agree with her not being prosevuted for making a false statement. What would have happend if there wasnt video to the couple she was accusing.

  3. Music Man says:

    Master Patrol Officer Misty Piper and her sister were no wearing masks. Are officers and their families exempt from going by Kroger rules of masks being required? Yes, I saw others also were not wearing masks but officers should set the example.

  4. David Satovich says:

    Oh. Yes kroger got a check for you. She got her fifteen minute of shame. Lol

  5. Thomas D. Thurston Jr. says:

    Oh my! Someone tried to kidnap my child! Look chicken breast $1.99 a pound. This is a person you want to avoid in the store or anywhere else. I’m sure if the child had fell out of the buggy she would have sued Kroger.

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