PCSO: Young teen killed during alleged burglary was struck by falling vehicle


Charges have been upgraded in the case of the 14-year-old boy who was killed while allegedly burglarizing a Pike County business with two other juveniles.

According to the Pike County Sheriff’s Office, the investigation has determined that the three juveniles entered Middle Georgia Water Systems, a commercial property located at 14777 Highway 19, without the owner’s consent.

Authorities say that while inside the business, the juveniles utilized a chain hoist to lift the front of the truck off the ground.

Officials say the chain hoist was attached to the truck’s bumper, and that due to the truck’s weight being placed on the bumper as it was lifted, the bumper gave way causing the truck to fall and strike the 14-year-old boy who later succumbed to his injuries.

The Medical Examiner’s Office at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab has advised Pike County Sheriff’s Office investigators that the manner of the juvenile’s death is consistent with that series of events and the evidence collected in this case.

PCSO investigators has remained in contact with the Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office throughout the course of this investigation, reporting findings as they have developed.

Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice investigators on April 15 upgraded charges against the surviving juveniles, ages 12 and 14, to involuntary manslaughter.

The 12- and 14-year-old suspects were originally charged with burglary, criminal damage to property, entering auto and reckless conduct.

The GRIP will continue to follow this ongoing investigation and report additional information as it becomes available.

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