GPD Chief will consider responding to concerns of alleged weekend shootings when he is on duty


Many of you have reached out about reports of multiple shooting incidents in the city of Griffin this weekend.

After the first report early Friday evening, The GRIP emailed Griffin Police Department Chief Mike Yates.

He never responded.

After the second report Saturday afternoon, The GRIP again emailed Griffin Police Department Chief Mike Yates.

Again, he never responded.

After the third report Saturday night, The GRIP once again emailed Griffin Police Department Chief Mike Yates.

He did respond to that third email Sunday morning.

“When I am on duty and I have an opportunity to review the incident/s to make sure my responses are accurate I will answer your questions if appropriate,” Yates said.

Yates was then asked if there is a public information officer on call with whom The GRIP may speak.

As before, Chief Yates did not respond.

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