Remains of Upson County murder victim located in creek in remote, heavily wooded area


The remains of missing Upson County murder victim Stanley Steverson were recovered Monday.

Steverson’s body was found in a small creek off Pleasant Grove Road in southern Upson County.

Upson County Sheriff Dan Kilgore said the creek was deep in the woods with an extremely steep bank.

The harsh terrain made the recovery process difficult, with an excavator required to gain access.

Steverson was initially reported missing by his family the afternoon of Wednesday, June 8.

The investigation into Steverson’s disappearance soon became a joint effort of the Upson County Sheriff’s Office (UCSO), the Thomaston Police Department (TPD) and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI).

Authorities say Steverson was murdered by Demonte Terrell Davis, the man who committed suicide Sunday afternoon in the Griffin Ingles parking lot.

Read here to learn about the investigation that resulted in the arrest of Amber Smith Davis and the identification of her husband, Demonte Davis as the murder suspect: Remains of Upson County murder victim located in creek in remote, heavily wooded area

Kilgore said Demonte Davis had agreed to peacefully surrender to authorities at Ingles but upon arrival, committed suicide.

“We coordinated efforts with Thomaston PD and Spalding County SO to safely effect his surrender. Davis was escorted to Ingles by family members and exited a vehicle at approximately 4:50 pm. He placed a handgun to his head firing one self-inflicted gunshot. He was pronounced deceased at the scene,” Kilgore said.

Demonte Davis had been identified as the killer by his wife, Amber Smith Davis, who TPD Chief Mike Richardson said had a connection to Steverson.

Amber Smith Davis is being held in the Upson County Jail on a charge of concealing a death.

Kilgore said a second person, Christopher Lamar Green, age 36, of Jackson Avenue, Thomaston, has been arrested on a charge of concealing a death. He is also being held in the Upson County Jail.

The recovery operation involved the Upson County Sheriff’s Office, the Thomaston Police Department, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Upson Rescue Department and the Upson County Water Department. Kilgore expressed appreciation to all who provided assistance.

Steverson’s body has been transported to the GBI Crime Lab for autopsy.

Anyone with information related to this case is asked to contact the Upson County Sheriff’s Office at 706.646.7903.

Publisher’s note – This article’s original photo cutline mistakenly identified Amber Smith Davis as the wife of murder victim Stanley Steverson. Amber Davis was the wife of murder suspect Demonte Terrell Davis. Authorities say she had a connection to Steverson. I apologize for any confusion this error may have caused.

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