Man arrested Monday night after protesting outside Smart Web’s Upson County home

Keegan Prescott was arrested Monday night after staging a protest outside the Atwater Road residence of Smart Web, former Spalding County marshal. Booking photo provided by the Upson County Sheriff’s Office.


Keegan Prescott, a vocal critic of Smart Web, the former Spalding County marshal whose deputization was on Monday revoked by Spalding County Sheriff Darrell Dix, was arrested Monday night in Upson County after protesting outside Web’s Atwater Road residence.

Prescott stood in the right-of-way shouting toward Web’s home, referring to the June 14 incident in which a dog was shot and killed, as well as allegations related to a GBI investigation of alleged theft in Woodbury, where Web previously served as chief of police.

The Upson County Sheriff’s Office (UCSO) responded to Web’s residence and confronted Prescott, who explained he was protesting and would remain in the right-of-way as he did so.

At Prescott’s request, a sergeant assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division also responded and demanded Prescott leave.

Prescott ultimately complied, but said he would return without his vehicle, which he had originally parked in the right-of-way across the street from Web’s residence.

At approximately 10:44 p.m., UCSO Deputy Matthew Knight conducted a traffic stop that led to Prescott’s arrest.

“I observed a white in color Acura SUV traveling east on Atwater Road. I heard the horn honk on the vehicle and heard someone yell out ‘dog killer,’” Knight reported, adding that Prescott was the back seat passenger in the vehicle also occupied by David Pierce, the driver, and Regina Hernandez.

“Keegan Prescott was advised earlier in the night to not come back to 630 Atwater Road because he was videotaping Smart Web’s house. Prescott had posted Smart Web (sic) address on Facebook and advised that he was coming to his house,” Knight said. “Prescott advised Upson County Sheriff’s deputies that he would be back to the property but not in his vehicle.”

According to Knight, Smart Web and his family “had to leave the residence for the night because they felt unsafe and were scared to stay there.”

Knight said Prescott stated his vehicle had broken down and that he was going to his mother’s Weems Road residence.

Prescott was arrested on a single misdemeanor charge of stalking.

The GRIP contacted Upson County Sheriff Dan Kilgore and specifically asked about OCGA 16-5-92 which refers to the applicability of the Georgia stalking criminal code that states in part, “The provisions of Code Sections 16-5-90 (stalking) and 16-5-91 (aggravated stalking) shall not apply to persons engaged in activities protected by the Constitution of the United States or of this state…”

“Prescott was there at the Web residence last night and was told to leave as he was frightening the family members present. He returned and was arrested,” Kilgore said. “Deputies consulted the assistant district attorney prior to the arrest.”

Prescott remains in the Upson County Jail pending an arrest warrant being obtained and bond being set.

Officials say that warrant should be taken Tuesday afternoon.

Prior to protesting outside the Web residence, Prescott picketed outside the Spalding County Annex before delivering a fiery statement during the citizen comment portion of the Board of Commissioners meeting.

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