BREAKING NEWS: Sheriff Darrell Dix requesting GBI investigation of Smart Web incident; apparent body worn camera video release


The GRIP has confirmed that Spalding County Sheriff Darrell Dix is requesting a GBI investigation involving Smart Web.

When asked Thursday morning if that request had been made, Dix said, “Right now. I contacted Marie Broder yesterday afternoon and conferred with her, and she agreed that the involvement of the GBI was in the best interest of everyone involved. I’m looking at the letter on my computer right now.”

Dix said the decision to request the GBI investigation was made prior to the Thursday morning social media release of a brief video clip that appears to have been recorded by Web’s body worn camera during a June 14 incident at a Maloy Circle residence during which Web shot and killed a dog.

“Yeah, we’re tracking that down now,” Dix said of the body worn camera video clip. “This (GBI request) was all prior to the release of the body camera video because that is actually a felony in and of itself. If it can be determined if someone criminally (used) unauthorized access (to) that server to distribute that information, that is a violation of state law.”

He stressed that this relates to much of the basis of his office’s initial investigation.

“And as I’ve said from the beginning, this is why we were investigating it, been conducting interviews and everything. This is why I said we were investigating it. There are things that were claimed that are true. There are things that were claimed that are not true. And that’s why we were investigating it and getting all of the information together,” Dix said.

Asked if he anticipates finalizing his request for the GBI investigation today, Dix said, “Let me finish this letter to (GBI Region 2 Special Agent in Charge) Fred Wimberley and give him a call. I’m going to call him right now.”

Based on preliminary information obtained during the SCSO investigation of the Maloy Circle incident, Dix on Monday revoked Smart Web’s deputization, and Web subsequently submitted a letter of resignation to Spalding County.

The GRIP on May 18 reported the GBI is conducting an unrelated criminal investigation involving Smart Web pertaining to alleged theft in the city of Woodbury where Web previously served as chief of police.

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  2. Charlie says:

    Is there a link to the video that is mentioned?

  3. Matthew Moore says:

    This article is hard to read due to awkward wording, repetition, and many errors. I appreciate the information, but it would be beneficial to proofread and draft better quality workmanship. Thanks.

    • There were several errors in the original article that have now been corrected. Hopefully that will rectify any contextual difficulties. Thanks so much for pointing out the issue!
      This was definitely not up to my standards. I apologize. (Sheila Mathews)

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