Additional criminal and constitutional violations alleged against Smart Web referred to GBI


Spalding County Sheriff Darrell Dix says his request for a GBI investigation of former Spalding County Marshal Smart Web includes further allegations of both criminal and constitutional violations in addition to the June 14 Maloy Circle incident in which Web shot and killed a dog.

Dix said Spalding County Sheriff’s Office criminal and crime scene investigators responded June 14 to the Maloy Circle residence where they began fact finding related to the incident.

“On the morning of Monday June 20, 2022, I instructed Major Mike Morris, head of Spalding County Criminal Investigations, to begin an investigation into the incident. Later that afternoon, after being briefed by Major Morris, I found cause to revoke Marshal Web’s Deputization,” Dix said. “He subsequently submitted his resignation from his position as Spalding County Marshal to his supervisors at the Spalding County Courthouse Annex.”

Dix said following Web’s resignation, additional allegations surfaced that prompted the request for a GBI investigation.

“On June 22, 2022, while conducting interviews, other areas of concern, and new allegations were made that appeared to be further criminal in nature. Based on the information presented to me, I ordered Major Morris to halt his investigation into the matter, and conduct no further interviews or fact gathering efforts pending my request to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for assistance. I met with Dr. Steve Ledbetter, who was Web’s immediate supervisor during his employment with Spalding County, informed him of the new allegations, and my intentions of requesting the GBI. He concurred that the allegations covered more than the June 14 th incident (sic all),” Dix said. “That same afternoon, I spoke with Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Marie Broder by phone, briefed her on the status of the investigation, and the additional allegations that had been made against Smart Web. After briefing Ms. Broder, I voiced to her that it was my belief that the allegations of criminal acts were broader in scope than the June 14, 2022, incident involving the shooting of the dog on Maloy Circle, and that I had serious questions regarding possible criminal and Constitutional violations during this, and other incidents. Ms. Broder concurred, fully supported the decision, and added that she would also forward a letter to the GBI, or that a joint request from her office and the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office combined could be made.”

Dix said Wednesday that the additional concerns of potential criminal and constitutional violations did not include the apparent distribution of a video clip that appeared to have been recorded by Web’s body worn camera during the Maloy Circle incident.

“Yeah, we’re tracking that down now,” Dix said when asked if he was aware the clip was circulating on social media. “The (GBI request) was all prior to the release of the body camera video because that is actually a felony in and of itself. If it can be determined if someone criminally (used) unauthorized access (to) that server to distribute that information, that is a violation of state law.”

On Wednesday, Dix submitted a letter on behalf of Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Marie Broder and himself to the Region 2 Georgia Bureau of Investigation office, requesting that agency investigate Web for his actions on June 14 as well as other allegations of criminal conduct while acting in his official capacity as Spalding County marshal.

“Since submitting the request, I have been contacted by GBI Region 2 Special Agent in Charge Fred Wimberley and an agent has been assigned to this case,” Dix said. “Since this incident occurred, there has been a great deal of inaccurate information and rumors circulated across our community. I have said repeatedly that there is more to this incident, including evidence, interviews, facts, and context, than video in and of itself can relate. There is no cover-up as has been alleged, no giant rug to sweep things under as has been alleged, and no good ol’ boy system in this investigation as has been alleged. When this investigation runs its course and lawfully concludes, the information contained in it, just like in any other case from the Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office, Georgia Bureau Of Investigations, or the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office, will be made public including photographs, body camera footage, and other information.”

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