Suspect arrested in Monday home invasion, kidnapping of 71-year-old woman


A Griffin man has been arrested in connection with the Monday morning home invasion and kidnapping and armed robbery of a 71-year-old woman.

Authorities say the incident occurred on High Falls Road during the early morning hours of Feb. 13.

Spalding County Sheriff’s Office Uniform Patrol Division deputies responded to a residence regarding a burglary. While interviewing the victim, she reported she had been awakened by an armed intruder who gained entry to her home by throwing a concrete paver through a window.

The victim said the intruder demanded money and forced her to give him her car keys and debit card.

Officials say she was then taken at gunpoint, in her own car, to a local bank where the intruder used her debit card to withdraw money from her account. After withdrawing the money, the intruder then returned the victim to her home and fled in her vehicle, she reported.

SCSO investigators and crime scene personnel responded to the residence and processed the crime scene and began following leads. A statewide lookout was issued for the stolen vehicle.

While processing the crime scene, investigators discovered what appeared to be drops of blood inside the residence in the area of the broken window.

“My Investigators were able to locate video surveillance footage of the stolen vehicle, and footage from the ATM withdrawal was provided to them by the bank the victim was forced to go to. While reviewing the video they were able to isolate a pretty clear photograph of the intruder with the victim in the background,” said Sheriff Darrell Dix.

At approximately 2:55 p.m., troopers assigned to the Georgia State Patrol Criminal Interdiction Unit located the stolen vehicle in an Atlanta-area parking lot and arrested two people who were with it.

The suspect identified in the home invasion and kidnapping is Bryan Deundre Overton, age 29, of Griffin.

The second man, who was arrested on unrelated charges, has been identified as Christon Overton, age 31, of Riverdale.

“The shirt that appeared to be the one worn in the bank video as a mask, and money was recovered. Bryan Overton had the debit card that belonged to the victim in his pocket, and a fresh cut on his hand that he had attempted to bandage to control bleeding. Troopers also located the gun that fit the very unique description of the one described by the victim, that in the end turned out to be a toy gun,” Dix said. “The initial responding deputies, investigators, and crime scene investigators did an excellent job on this case. The bank provided us with the video evidence as soon as requested, and the Georgia State Patrol was able to take them into custody without incident.”

Bryan Overton has been charged with first degree home invasion, kidnapping, armed robbery, first degree burglary, aggravated assault, theft by taking motor vehicle, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of a controlled substance and crossing a guard line with a controlled substance.

Christon Overton has been charged with possession of a controlled substance and crossing a guard line with a controlled substance.

“The victim in this incident is blessed to be alive and safe. Realistically, most crimes like this do not end as well as this one did, and the victim is usually injured or killed,” Dix said. “Other times the perpetrator makes the mistake of invading the residence of an armed citizen and ends up a shot or dead perpetrator. Whether it be prison or dead, bad choices equal bad results.”

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