Spalding County Superior and State courts release jurors from March 16 trial calendars

STAFF REPORT ::: All jurors for Spalding County Superior and State Court jury trial calendars scheduled for Monday, March 16, 2020, have been released from jury duty for the week. Those jurors are directed not to report to the Spalding County Courthouse. All defendants and attorneys with cases on the March 16, 2020, Superior and […]

Jury duty canceled for week of Aug. 26

From the office of Spalding County Superior Court Clerk Debbie Brooks: Jury service for the week of Aug. 26, 2019, has been canceled. If you received a jury summons for this week, you are released from jury service. This is for the week of Aug. 26, 2019, only. For additional information please call the Spalding […]

Griffin PD alerts residents to statewide scam

STAFF REPORTS ::: According to Capt. Dwayne Jones, of the Griffin Police Department, a new scam has been reported within the state. Several people have reported receiving a call indicating that they have missed jury duty and must pay a fine over the phone or risk being arrested. This is a scam. If you have […]

Legislative Jury Composition Rule negatively affects court cases statewide

SHEILA A. MATHEWS ::: Griffin Judicial District Attorney Scott Ballard is facing a dilemma plaguing prosecutors statewide – the possibility of convicted felons being included in the pool from which trial and grand jurors are selected. According to Ballard, this situation is the result of a legislative change that widened the pool from which jurors […]