Officials report fourth weapon incident in local school within one week


Officials of the Griffin-Spalding County School System have reported a second incident today in which a student was found to be in possession of a knife.

The first incident took place at Atkinson Elementary School, where a classroom teacher discovered the knife. The knife was secured and school administrators were immediately notified. The student’s parent and local law enforcement was also notified.

The second incident occurred at Rehoboth Road Middle School. In that case, school officials say a female student took a knife to school in her lunch box. As has occurred in the previous three incidents that have taken place in the past week, the knife was secured, and the girl’s parent and law enforcement were notified.

According to Judy Parker, of the GSCSS Communications and Partnership Department, Superintendent Dr. Curtis Jones met today with school principals concerning the issue of weapons on campuses.

Students will be told this afternoon that it is a crime to bring a weapon of any kind to school, and that act is punishable by a suspension of up to 10 days.

Parker said the same information will be shared with families during curriculum night.

School administrators are once again urging community support in the effort to maintain school safety by checking students’ belongings, including lunch boxes, daily before school.

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