No charges will be filed in case involving four-year-old with loaded gun at school


Spalding County District Attorney Scott Ballard has determined that no charges will be filed against the parents in the Aug. 27 incident involving a four-year-old Pre-K student who was found to be in possession of a loaded .22-caliber magnum pistol at Jordan Hill Elementary School.

According to Spalding County Sheriff Wendell Beam, his office completed a thorough investigation into the incident and presented the case to Ballard’s office.

Following the Griffin-Spalding County School System disciplinary policy, the little boy was suspended for three days as the incident was investigated.

The student returned to school today.

Since this incident last Tuesday, two additional students have taken weapons to school. On Friday, a knife with a seven-inch blade and two bullets were located in the backpack belonging to a third-grade boy, and today, a pocket knife was recovered from a fifth-grade student at Atkinson Elementary.


  1. I thought that griffin high had a dresses code why do the guys get to wear their pants below their buts and girls get in trouble with holes in jeans

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