Sheriff: KRMS student admitted possession of firearm of school grounds Friday

SHEILA A. MATHEWS ::: School officials now say an investigation will take place to determine why a student found to be in possession of a firearm on Tuesday was allowed to return to school after he allegedly admitted having possession of a firearm on school grounds the previous Friday. According to Spalding County Sheriff Wendell […]

GPD releases identity of shooting suspect

SHEILA MATHEWS ::: The Griffin Police Department has identified 31-year-old Justin Adam Holloway as the suspect being sought in connection with an early Tuesday morning shooting at the Super Speedway located at 678 N. Expressway. Investigator Keith Dryden, of the GPD Criminal Investigation Division, has obtained warrants for Holloway’s arrest on three felony charges including […]

Sheriff says there is no one to charge: Pre-K student’s weapon cannot be traced to owner

SHEILA MATHEWS ::: With many local families expressing outrage over the announcement that no charges will be brought against the parents of the four-year-old Jordan Hill Elementary School Pre-K student that on Aug. 27 took a loaded handgun to school, Spalding County Sheriff Wendell Beam said a thorough investigation resulted in dead ends that left […]

Officials report fourth weapon incident in local school within one week

STAFF REPORTS ::: Officials of the Griffin-Spalding County School System have reported a second incident today in which a student was found to be in possession of a knife. The first incident took place at Atkinson Elementary School, where a classroom teacher discovered the knife. The knife was secured and school administrators were immediately notified. […]

No charges will be filed in case involving four-year-old with loaded gun at school

STAFF REPORTS ::: Spalding County District Attorney Scott Ballard has determined that no charges will be filed against the parents in the Aug. 27 incident involving a four-year-old Pre-K student who was found to be in possession of a loaded .22-caliber magnum pistol at Jordan Hill Elementary School. According to Spalding County Sheriff Wendell Beam, his […]