Children’s wants should never be more important than a family’s needs

This editorial column by Maria McCoy was previously published in the print edition of The GRIP. A few weeks ago, my family decided to eat a little later than normal. We met at Applebee’s and unfortunately, there were only two waitresses there, so the wait for our food was pretty long. Upon leaving, my 16-year-old […]

Sometimes parents need tweaking

This editorial column by Dusty Takle was previously published in a print edition of The GRIP. I have found myself the past few weeks correcting Jett and how he responds to me. “Remember who I am,” I’ve told him. “You are not allowed to talk to me like that,” I’ve told him. This has not […]

Parents of sick kids: You are not alone

This editorial column by Maria McCoy previously appeared in the print edition of The GRIP. I have previously written about those who suffer their disability in silence, but I want to touch on a subject with which I am incredibly familiar. I want to talk to the parents of the sick kids. I want you […]

Stepping Stones employee charged with simple battery, reckless conduct after child is injured

SHEILA A. MATHEWS ::: An employee of Stepping Stones Educational Therapy Center – Jennis Phillips Rooks, also known as Mary Jeanell Rooks – has been arrested on charges of simple battery and reckless conduct in relation to an incident involving a student. According to the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy S.D. Williamson on Tuesday made […]

Don’t be the dinosaur your children’s lives

This editorial column written by Maria McCoy previously appeared in a print edition of The GRIP. My seven-year-old acted out at the sitter’s house the other day. She was angry, and she was screaming at the sitter. When I got home, I addressed the situation with her. I wanted to make sure she understood that […]

Doc Holliday BBQ & Music Festival returns

SHEILA A. MATHEWS ::: The annual Doc Holliday Barbecue and Music Festival will return to downtown Griffin Sept. 22 and 23, bringing with it entertainment of the past and present. This family-friendly event not only offers entertainment for all, but has made it more affordable than ever before. In past years, the festival was a […]

Embrace each of life’s “last times” – the moments that will never come again

MARIA MCCOY – COLUMNIST ::: The funny thing about “the last time” is that you rarely ever get the opportunity to know, understand and appreciate that it’s the last time. One minute, you’re buying Iron Man dolls off of a Christmas list and by the same time the following year, you are looking at a […]

Five family members injured in Sunday afternoon wreck

SHEILA A. MATHEWS ::: Five members of one family were injured in a Sunday afternoon wreck at the intersection of North Expressway and Highway 92. Three of those injured were children, the youngest being only one-week-old. According to Sgt. Matt McFarlan, of the Griffin Police Department Uniform Patrol Division, the wreck occurred when a driver […]

Keep calm and eat bacon

DUSTY TAKLE ::: In England, tea is the answer to all life’s woes. In my world, it’s bacon, but when bacon isn’t available, I have to make a choice to be calm. I have to choose calmness. I have to choose peace. We can choose to be calm at any given moment. We have trained […]