Shooting under investigation by Sheriff’s Office


The Spalding County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting, the victim of which reported the incident at Cole’s Corner on Highway 16.
According to Sheriff Wendell Beam, little is known about the incident, including where the shooting occurred.
“It’s really sketchy at this time,” Beam said. “All I can tell you is we have a Hispanic male who sustained gunshot wounds.”
He said the victim appeared at Cole’s Corner and a 911 call was placed from the store.
It is not known how the Hispanic male, who Beam said sustained two gunshot wounds – one to the face and a second to the leg – arrived at that location.
“He was alert and conscious, and he was flown out by helicopter to one of the hospitals in the Atlanta area,” Beam said.
Deputies of the Uniform Patrol and Criminal Investigation divisions were in the area seeking additional information.
“He was walking down the street and just entered the store, so we’re in the immediate area to see if we can find any witnesses who may have seen what happened,” Beam said. “We’re trying to find out what happened.”
The victim was reportedly unable to provide investigators with much information, as he was being prepared for medical transport.
Editor’s note – The Grip will continue to follow this story and report additional information as it becomes available.


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