Griffin Housing Authority Chief Executive Bob Dull to oversee Land Bank Authority


Griffin Housing Authority Chief Executive Bob Dull has been asked to oversee the troubled Griffin-Spalding County Land Bank Authority.

According to Griffin City Commissioner Joanne Todd, the request was made by City Manager Kenny Smith, and she fully backs that plan.

“He (Dull) is going to be an advisor. In other words, he’s going to be the person who makes sure whoever runs the Land Bank Authority does the right things,” Todd said. “Bob will make sure that future monies are spent correctly and that the work that’s supposed to be done is done. He will be looking over every bit of the paperwork for houses that are bought and sold and make sure everything is done correctly.”

Dull said he is willing to assist in any capacity that will improve the Griffin-Spalding County community.

“The Housing Authority stands ready to assist the city and county in whichever way is best for the citizens,” he said.

The Land Bank Authority has been subject to audit by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) from which it receives a significant amount of funding. Although it has been the subject of increased scrutiny that has resulted in the repayment of some grant monies, Todd said the LBA serves a worthwhile purpose.

Todd said she believes many of the problems associated with the LBA are attributable to its oversight.

She explained that the Griffin-Spalding County Land Bank Authority began under former Griffin Director of Planning and Development Fredrick Gardiner, who left soon after to serve as McDonough’s city administrator. Todd said those left to oversee its operation were unfamiliar with many of its policies and procedures, which may have resulted in some errors.

Todd believes those issues will be resolved under Dull’s oversight.


  1. Dona Robertson says:

    We can only hope….or maybe we can even get involved.

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