Griffin-Spalding School Superintendent Curtis Jones accepts Bibb County position


Griffin-Spalding County Superintendent of Schools Curtis L. Jones, Jr. is the sole finalist for the position of school superintendent in Bibb County. 

Jones will remain as superintendent of the Griffin-Spalding County School System for the remainder of the current school year, and the Board of Education will meet to develop a plan of action.

“Our system has lots of options,” said BoE Chairman James Westbury.  “We are very sorry to see him go, but we must continue the important initiatives started by Dr. Jones. Dr. Jones has spent 18 years in our school system and has done a lot to make Spalding County a better place to live both professionally and through his civic engagement.  He is truly a man of honor and character.”

Further information will be released by the school system when it becomes available.


  1. R Hayden DC PhD FICC says:

    Wow. Has he been to Macon and looked around?
    Robert A. Hayden, DC, PhD, FICC Iris City Chiropractic Center Griffin, GA
    Molon Labe!!!

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