COVID-19 testing must be prioritized, medical resources conserved, Georgia officials say

STAFF REPORT ::: As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread throughout the state of Georgia, questions abound regarding testing for this newest strain of coronavirus. Today, a joint statement about the prioritization of testing was released by Governor Brian Kemp, the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH), the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) and the […]

WellStar Spalding remains open with screening of all visitors for COVID-19 symptoms

SHEILA A. MATHEWS ::: WellStar Spalding Regional Hospital is implementing changes in response to concerns regarding COVID-19. All WellStar facilities are open and continue to operate under normal business hours. The measures now being taken are in an “abundance of caution.” They include the assembly of a team of infectious disease and infection prevention specialists […]

New Georgia cases of COVID-19 coronavirus diagnosed

STAFF REPORT ::: The Georgia Department of Public Health reports additional cases of COVID-19 – the illness caused by the newest strain of coronavirus – in multiple counties. According to a press release issued Saturday, there have been “a number of developments overnight regarding COVID-19 in Georgia.” The DPH and Centers for Disease Control and […]

Parents of sick kids: You are not alone

This editorial column by Maria McCoy previously appeared in the print edition of The GRIP. I have previously written about those who suffer their disability in silence, but I want to touch on a subject with which I am incredibly familiar. I want to talk to the parents of the sick kids. I want you […]

Bet you can’t eat just one, so don’t bite

This editorial column by Dr. Bob Hayden was previously published in the print edition of The GRIP. The title for this discussion was taken from a commercial for potato chips. The maker was daring us to try to eat just one chip, knowing that the American taste for calorie-dense, salt-laden junk food is overpowering. Really, […]

“As the twig is bent, so grows the tree”

This editorial column written by Dr. Bob Hayden was published in the most recent print edition of The GRIP. Someone once said, “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.” Well, I think someone said that. If no one said it, consider it said now because it’s clever. It also has much to do […]

Free flu shots available today at Health Department

STAFF REPORT ::: Free flu shots are available today at the Spalding County Health Department. The Spalding County Health Department, in conjunction with the Spalding County Office of Homeland Security, is conducting the annual Point of Dispensing exercise, with the dispensing of free flu shots provided by Griffin-Spalding County Hospital Authority. Flu shots will be […]

Gray hair in medicine: Declining doctors

This editorial column written by Dr. Bob Hayden previously appeared in the print edition of The GRIP. You may have heard the expression, “Choose your doctors young, and your lawyers older.” I think that means that medical knowledge was (hopefully) continuously advancing, so doctors less distant from graduation would be more in tune with the […]

A health care solution must be found

This editorial column written by Maria McCoy previously appeared in the print edition of The GRIP. In the days prior to my Dad’s unexpected death, he spent five days in ICU at a hospital in Florida. You see, my dad had a heart attack on Monday, June 26. It was allegedly a “minor” heart attack. […]

Hope Health Clinic merger to expand patient services

SUBMITTED TO THE GRIP ::: As of March 2, Spalding County’s charitable clinic, the Hope Health Clinic, will become part of the Southside Medical Center, a 501(c)3 medical and dental facility with multiple clinic sites in the south Atlanta area.  Spalding County’s clinic will continue to serve uninsured and underinsured medical and dental patients in […]

Annual DC trip shines light on veterans’ health care needs

ROBERT HAYDEN, DC PhD, FICC ::: I have just returned from my annual trip to Washington, DC, where I talk with legislators about healthcare issues. Specifically, we petitioned Congress about our veterans and their need for care in the Veterans Administration medical centers. Most of the injuries in our veterans returning from Iraq or Afghanistan […]