Griffin Power customers to see increase as summer rate takes effect May 1


Griffin Power customers will soon notice a change in their bills as the summer electrical rates begin May 1.
“While none of us enjoy the higher rates, there are reasons for them,” officials stated in a press release. “The city of Griffin Griffin Power has what is called a 7/5 month winter/summer rate split. Seven months are billed at winter rates and five months at summer rates. Simply put, the summer rates are increased because of higher demand for energy by the customer, placing a higher demand on energy production. During the summer months the cost for fuel that produces that energy also goes up. Griffin Power is a not-for-profit utility and only bills customers for actual costs.”
Even with the above-referenced notice of higher summer rates, Griffin Power is still one of the lowest cost providers in the state of Georgia. Ranked 24th of 94 utilities in the state and 13th lowest of 52 municipals for the average residential customer, Griffin Power was awarded the RP3 award for efficient operations, placing Griffin as a quality-run utility producing a low-cost product.
“This may not seem readily apparent when customers receive their bills over the next five summer months, and that is why we would like our customers to visit our website and take advantage of our energy saving tips, calculators and library of articles that help reduce and save energy,” the release stated. “We also want to remind our customers of energy audits that are available on request to help determine where energy may be being wasted or is escaping.
Summer energy bills are not popular, and even being one of the lower cost providers in the state of Georgia does not ease the pain of high utility bills. Griffin Power is here to help and to also remind you that summer rates will be in effect from May 1 through September 30.
For more information about the city of Griffin, visit Follow the city on Facebook at and on Twitter @CityofGriffin.

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