Stepping Stones employee charged with simple battery, reckless conduct after child is injured


An employee of Stepping Stones Educational Therapy Center – Jennis Phillips Rooks, also known as Mary Jeanell Rooks – has been arrested on charges of simple battery and reckless conduct in relation to an incident involving a student.

According to the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy S.D. Williamson on Tuesday made contact with Leslie Yeoman, who reported her son had been injured while at Stepping Stones, and that she had noted the injuries after he returned home the previous afternoon.

“The marks look as if it was a road rash (scraping),” Williamson reported, describing the injuries. “After she spoke to the school Assistant Director Ken Bozeman, they contacted the Sheriff’s Office and was called for a report (sic).”

The case was turned over to Investigator Eraste Trahan, of the SCSO Criminal Investigation Division, who then Interviewed Rooks.

Williamson said that after receiving her Miranda warning, Rooks provided both a verbal and written statement concerning the incident.

“The suspect stated that she was not aware of any injury nor had she intended any harm to be given,” Williamson wrote. “The suspect did state she had pulled (the little boy) by his arms while he was laying on the ground to get him to get up and walk.”


  1. This makes me sick. For Spalding co sheriffs office to ruin the reputation of a great woman who has dedicated her entire life helping special needs children somebody needs to makes stand here This is an Absolute outrage somebody needs to get the sheriffs office in check.

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