Armed person reported at local industrial area


The Spalding County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday responded to a threat of an armed man in a local industrial area.

According to Capt. Dwayne Jones, the incident was reported at Perkins Shibaura Engines located at 325 Green Valley Road.

“There was actually a threat made over at Perkins, which is over there close to Caterpillar, but there wasn’t an active shooter there. It was just threats,” Jones said.

This report of an armed subject at Perkins came in at around the same time as reports of what authorities are describing as a suspected murder/suicide attempt. One person was killed and a second was wounded.

Authorities say those two incidents are unrelated.

“No gun was involved; it was just threats,” Jones said. “They came out about the same time, but they were totally separate incidents. I wouldn’t say it was an active shooter. There was a report of a subject with a gun. There was no weapon found. The subject was identified. No weapon was involved. It was related to threats.”

The GRIP will report additional information as it becomes available.

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