GPD Chief Mike Yates administrative leave related to GBI investigation of murder case


The city of Griffin has confirmed that GPD Chief Mike Yates was placed on administrative leave in connection with an ongoing criminal investigation being conducted by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The GBI case is related to GPD Sgt. D’Marquivius “D.J.” King, who initially received a written reprimand in November 2021 for concealing his brother’s alleged involvement in the May 9, 2021, murder of Javarries Reid.

Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Marie Broder requested the comprehensive GBI investigation after The GRIP published an exclusive investigation of this case.

Prior to those reports, Broder was unaware King had been disciplined for shielding Damon Beck, his brother, from being identified as a suspect in Reid’s murder.

Because the Javarreis Reid murder case remains open, few specific details are known.

It is known that King was not disciplined for the concealment of his brother’s alleged involvement in Reid’s murder for more than six months.

A written reprimand was entered into the Griffin PD Guardian Tracking system on Nov. 30, 2021.

Although Lt. John Hayes definitively stated in that reprimand that Beck was “involved in the murder,” warrants for the arrest of Sgt. King’s brother were not obtained until seven more months had passed, in July 2022.

Despite being charged with murder and aggravated assault in July 2022, Damon Beck was not arrested until Feb. 16, 2023, the same day The GRIP published the first article in this investigative series.

You can read the original series of articles here:

While she has not responded to questions on the subject from The GRIP since Friday, Griffin City Manager Jessica O’Connor on Saturday issued a statement regarding Yates’ administrative leave.

“It is the City of Griffin’s strong preference not to comment publicly on personnel matters particularly those that are ongoing. However, to avoid unfounded speculation and conjecture that could both cause or contribute to the spread misinformation throughout the community and result in unnecessary distraction or disruption to the administrative process, it has been determined that a limited statement at this time is in the best interests of all concerned.”

O’Connor described Yates’ leave as “non-disciplinary,” and denied it reflected “any specific concerns relating to Chief Yates.”

“As has previously been reported, Chief of Police Mike Yates was placed on a non-disciplinary, administrative leave of absence by the City Manager yesterday afternoon. This action was taken in connection with the pending GBI investigation requested by District Attorney Marie Broder into the matter involving Sgt. D’Marquivius ‘DJ’ King which – as also previously reported – led to Sgt. King’s placement on administrative leave in February. The City Manager wishes to emphasize that this action does not reflect any specific concerns relating to Chief Yates but was deemed prudent to avoid or minimize the possibility of any misunderstandings and to create an environment more conducive to the investigative process. At this point, the City intends to allow that process to run its course and does not anticipate commenting further on the matter unless or until any developments warrant.”

It is unknown why Yates has now been placed on administrative leave, months after the GBI investigation of King’s actions began.

The GRIP will continue to follow this story and report additional information as it becomes available.

Publisher’s note: This article has been updated with information related to the original murder case.

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  1. Mortimer Do. S says:

    It’s time for Jessica O’Connor and Doug Holberg to go. Corruption has skyrocketed under their watch.

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