Coping with cancer through chiropractic care

This editorial column by Dr. Bob Hayden was published in the previous print edition of The GRIP. I just realized how alliterative that title is. I assure you that was accidental, but, notice that I left it as is. Early this morning, a potential patient approached me for a consultation. This lady has a form […]

Take care of your knees so your knees can take care of you

This editorial column written by Dr. Bob Hayden was published in the most recent print edition of The GRIP. Your knees are marvelous living instruments for motion. They are designed to last you a lifetime, and they probably will with a little care. This comes up now because we have seen a number of knee […]

Will wonders never cease?

DR. BOB HAYDEN ::: First, to answer my question, I hope not. They have not yet. I see “wonders” almost every day in my practice. A “wonder” for me is when someone gets well, or perhaps better, against the odds. Seeing this firsthand in a health care environment is like having a toy for which […]

Annual DC trip shines light on veterans’ health care needs

ROBERT HAYDEN, DC PhD, FICC ::: I have just returned from my annual trip to Washington, DC, where I talk with legislators about healthcare issues. Specifically, we petitioned Congress about our veterans and their need for care in the Veterans Administration medical centers. Most of the injuries in our veterans returning from Iraq or Afghanistan […]